Fleet Planning

There are few strategically important decisions within an airlines’ lifespan that will make it’s business plan a success story, or a major failure.  Fleet planning is one of those, as it requires an excellent knowledge of ones market, customers behavior,  future demands as well as the evolution of the existing and future technologies. 

When approaching such a complex subject, we develop a very thorough economic analysis as well as the network development an regional forecasts in order to plot the capacity requirements

Plans are nothing. Planning is Everything.

President Dwight Eisenhower

When challenged with such an important task we like to look at 5 important aspects:

  1. Which aircraft suits best the network and its future demands and constraints
  2. Will the aircraft be for replacement or for growth
  3. When will the aircraft be needed
  4. How many aircraft will be needed and of what type
  5. What will be the optimal financing structure (Lease/Buy)

A successful fleet planning process is never complete unless it takes into account all financial and human resources implications, especially those regarding safety standards, manuals and training required for crossovers.