Michael Wisbrun, Managing Director

With years of experience and deep knowledge of Project Management, Aviation East has changed our view on PM activities and developed tools and systems allowing to follow milestones and deliverables in real time.

Alexandru MICU, General Manager

A sharp negotiation partner, who invariably understands exactly what an Aviation Industry business project is from the outset, and whose strategic vision transformed standard collaboration between companies in mutually successful long term partnerships

Terry Eisenbart, Executive Vice President - Operations & Marketing

The partnership of Aloft Aviation Consulting and Aviation East aligns relevant operational expertise with years of "hands on" experience in complementary areas of performance. Although both companies provide consulting services to airlines, airports, and air traffic management, the partnership actually expands and enriches the benefits each company can provide to its' clients. We expect a continued relationship with our colleagues at Aviation East due to their specialized focus on the Eastern European market which helps supports our global client list.

Dr Delia Dimitriu, IPCC expert on Climate Change

I have appreciated very much the expertise and dedicated approach to sustainability and their belief that a balance between socio-economic benefits on one side, and environment on the other side must be achieved, no matter what the challenges may be. Thus, if alternative fuels are so good for aviation from an environmental point of view, they also need to be available and affordable.

Gabriel Faflei, CEO

If you consider exploring innovative territories in the IFE industry there is no better crew than this one. Great level of expertise of the ancillary revenue opportunities and aircraft technologies, willingness to get out of the box and great network to get your answers straight.

Javier Garcia-del-Valle, CEO

I had the opportunity of working with the Aviation East team in several opportunities, one of them being the opportunity study for setting-up an airline. Their complete and thoughtful assessment as well as the thorough and detailed report helped us to take a decision that, time probed to be the correct one.I would gladly recommend them without any doubt.