Strategy & Planning

There is no single “best practice” for how to develop a successful strategy; it all depends on the market, the company size and the culture of the people you work with.  Some  companies reassess their plans on an yearly or quarterly basis, while more and more companies perform a continuous control of their achievements.

Our customers are well established companies within the aviation sector with extensive experience in the field, companies who have requested external support while trying to improve their existing performance, changing the sales approach in order to expand their customer portfolio, or decided to grow by adding new business developments.

Plans are nothing. Planning is Everything.

President Dwight Eisenhower

Our 7 steps approach consists in:


  1. Identifying the strategic goals by using an out-of-the-box thinking process
  2. Working with the business units to develop a strategic thinking process and deliver an action plan that they would be ready to embrace and implement.
  3. Identifying the diverse competencies that would give competitive advantage and a strategic position.
  4. Identifying the right tools to enable the development of a strategic plan. The Balanced Score Card approach mixes both the financial and non-financial factors to measure performance.
  5. Developing business planning processes which can evolve and be flexible to market changes.
  6. Identifying / creating the role of strategic planning manager, and develop the necessary tools and report formats to enable the continuous measurement of the outcome of the plan.
  7. Ensure the proper and continuous, internal and external communication tools.